1. I have a Fuel Master Burner and need replacement parts. Do you sell them?
    • Yes, we manufacture the Burners here in Toronto and have stock on most parts. Please call in to check. Provide the Model Number and Serial Number.

  2. The Wiring Diagram for the Panel Box is missing; can I get a copy of one?
    • Yes, as long as you provide the Model Number and Serial Number a copy of the wiring diagram can be retrieved.  Each burner is unique and do not share the same WD as another.

  3. The Burner is failing to start up; can I get some assistance and/or technical support?
    • We offer experienced technical support for all our customers with our products. If necessary we can send a technician to your site for troubleshooting. Please contact us via Telephone or Email (Goto Support).

  4. I am purchasing one of your burners, do you provide commissioning service?
    • For only our burners, we offer to start up and commission the burner on site.

  5. Do you offer burner operational instructions?
    • Yes, we can teach you the basic setup and familiarity on the operations of the burner through telephone or on site. Please call in for inquiry.

  6. I’d like to purchase a burner; can I get a quote?
    • Yes we offer free quotes. Please provide:
      1. Fuel type setup? Natural Gas / Oil #2 / Propane / Digester Gas  Or Duel-Fuel
      2. Boiler Model and Horse Power
      3. Gas supply
      4. Voltage
      5. Firing Sequence
    • If purchase is for replacement burner, TSSA Approval is required in Ontario only, specify. Please contact us via Telephone or Email for your quote request (RFQ).