Pendell has been established for more than a century. Since 1911, Pendell has been producing exceptional boilers and burners. With a commitment to quality products, the functionality of the products has exceeded and surpassed all expectations time and time again. The ongoing tradition of hand crafting our products, creating a spectacular polished product, has been renowned throughout the industry.


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   We would like to share with you a brief history through Pendell’s timeline. Formerly, Pendell was established in 1911 by Mr. Pendell. Specialized in manufacturing wood and coal firing boilers, the reputation of the boilers was well-received. Shipped by horseback on a trailer, the boilers were handmade and hand delivered to our customers.

   The introduction of Pendell’s Burners back in 1960’s manufactured the first oil burners. Shortly after, in the 1970’s Fuel Master Burners was introduced, which manufactured natural gas and oil burners. The combination of these fuel types was also implemented shortly after. In the 1990’s, the introduction of digestive gas (methane) was implemented in the Fuel Master Burners product line.