Pendell Burners manufactures burners for commercial, industrial and process application boilers. Located in Toronto, for over 50 years this company has specialized in manufacturing quality and long lasting products. We are recognized for our excellence in customer service and the maintenance of our products, and strive to offer our customers in the best parts replacement, troubleshooting inquiries and onsite support & technical repair.

 The Fuel Master Burners long lineage in manufacturing and improving industrial boilers and burners has spanned for over a century of time. Since 1911, Pendell Burner’s quality material and craftsmanship has been the pinnacle of our ambition. With renowned praise of maintaining and servicing the burners, the life spans of our products are second to none.

 Built for commercial, industrial and process applications, each Burner is custom tailored; only requiring the most basic setup when arriving on site. Our burners’ versatile array of fuels includes; Natural gas, Propane gas, Number 2 Fuel Oil, and Digestive/Bio gas. Find out more about the models we offer.

 Our typical burners are approved under the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Safety is an upmost concern when building the burners from design to construction.